About us

Parkius was the founder of digital parking enforcement in 2008. In 2019 Parkius joined forces with Redora, an innovative software developer of digital supervision and enforcement solutions. The result was a merger of the best digital parking company with the best digital supervision and enforcement company. Ever since, the revolutionary Redline platform provides a powerful combination of strong management reporting with a professional sales, implementation and support structure. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Parkius has a total staff of around 25 employees of all ages, all highly experienced professionals who know the ropes.

More than 50 municipal authorities and semi-government institutions in the Netherlands and abroad work with Parkius’ Redline solution. Further expansion outside the Netherlands is expected as of 2021.

Pioneers in digital parking management

The founders of Parkius pioneered digital parking management in the Netherlands. At the request of Amsterdam municipality we developed the first digital parking solution in 2008. We have since optimised this solution on the basis of our in-depth knowledge of both the IT requirements as well as the specific needs of municipalities and enforcement operators. This means that we can now deliver our affordable, practical and easy-to-implement SaaS solution in any configuration as required by cities, both large and small, in the Netherlands, the rest of Europe and beyond.a

History of Parkius

Parkius: the innovative Dutch pioneer in digital parking management and smart city solutions

Parkius is the founder of digital parking management in the Netherlands and is a leader in versatile smart city solutions. What makes Parkius different is its combined expertise in the technology and operational processes required and the data they yield.

This means we are ideally placed to guide and support municipalities as they move from analogue to digital enforcement. We know the pitfalls to be avoided and the KPIs needed to reach strategic, tactical and operational goals. As the following landmarks show, with Parkius you will always be in control:

Up to this point Parkius only used number plate data. Many new applications can be created by using all the scanned data. For example, Parkius can check for illegally dumped bulky waste, damaged road signs, roads or street furniture, and even diseased trees. And this is how Parkius has become a major pioneer in versatile smart city solutions.

Artificial intelligence software generated more and more predictive information from the scan data. In what area is the parking pressure greatest at a particular time, for example? How much of a nuisance is caused by drivers looking for parking spaces? And how should KPIs for the enforcement team be set? The resulting overview lead to effective real-time traffic management.

Developing new application opportunities for the innovative scanning technology. Why not immediately check for vehicles parked on the pavement? Vehicles that are not allowed in an environmental zone? The number plates of stolen vehicles? This enabled the organisation to quickly gain considerable expertise and experience of linking its own technology to other systems and databases.

Having realised major cost reductions and an increase in parking revenue municipalities were ready for the next step: full digitalisation of paid parking. The Parkius solution therefore facilitated the entire parking management policy of Amsterdam municipality. A control centre checks all vehicle number plates and immediately produces the penalty notice: another world first.

Right from the start the focus was on combining and analysing data from fixed and mobile cameras, databases, sensors and other sources. This is also why it was decided early on to use the cloud as the place to bring together and share all the data. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution Parkius is also faster, simpler and cheaper for municipalities and other organisations to use.

<b>Data generates new insights and makes processes more efficient</b>

The generated data also presented numerous interesting challenges. For example, how do you determine whether a scanned vehicle was in a parking space, on the pavement or at a set of traffic lights? And how do you explain the wide performance differences between different parking attendants? With each new gigabyte of gathered data, both the technology and the ability to tailor it precisely to organisational processes became more refined.

At the request of Amsterdam municipality Parkius founders Jurgen Vernimmen and Marinus Houbolt developed the world’s first vehicle with a fully automatic number plate scanner. Once it was linked to the Amsterdam parking rights database the software could check every number plate right away. Truly a world first! A handy app directed parking attendants to suspect vehicles.