Smart city: checking the visibility of road signs

The visibility of road signs can be impaired for many different reasons. Signs are often damaged or deteriorate in some other way. Signs may often be dirty or be partly obscured by vegetation. This can lead to dangerous situations, with possible damage claims for the responsible municipality as a result. Because municipalities can easily have […]

Smart city: rapid detection of dumped waste nuisance

Waste dumped on the street is a major source of nuisance in many municipalities. People often put out both household waste and bulky waste in the wrong place or at the wrong time. Where underground waste containers are provided people often place their waste next to the bin instead of inside it. Bulky waste placed […]

Real-time parking management

The traffic situation in municipalities depends on a large number of variables. Particularly in the larger cities, both traffic density and parking pressure is very dynamic. These factors are also often inter-related. For example, easily 20 per cent of the people driving around in an urban environment are looking for somewhere to park. In a […]

Goal of data-driven parking management

Parking has an ever-increasing impact on public spaces and on the social and political agenda of municipalities world wide. Effective parking policy is vital to ensuring that the built environment in which people live and work is pleasant and remains an attractive location for businesses. While rising costs and revenues also mean that the financial […]