Custom quality

We have been an expert in digital supervision and enforcement for nearly 15 years now. So it will not come as a surprise that our team consists of a mix of younger and older colleagues, all highly experienced professionals who know the ropes. This translates into a stable, advanced platform with tried-and-tested software. Technology that makes digital supervision and enforcement not only easier but also more comprehensive. For us it’s all about the result.

Those 15 years of experience also translate into our focus on results. We know how important it is to fulfil our promises at the agreed time and how important it is to communicate in an honest and clear way. We believe this is the only way to maintain trust as a project progresses.

Standard quality
We have developed the standard in digital supervision and enforcement. For us at Parkius this standard stands for quality – the best quality in the market. It is a standard that is also your standard, configurable to your exact needs. A standard, based on best practices,  that meets the needs of every municipal authority or nationally operating institution in the Netherlands, no matter how big or small. At Parkius it’s all about creating the most efficient, cost-effective and high-quality digital supervision and enforcement solution. A system that is insightful, transparent, flexible and easy to use and implement.

Flexible solution
Redline is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the local policies and requirements of municipal authorities. That means that the modules can be switched on and off. Each module is a standard module. This was a deliberate decision on our part. After all, having a standard means being able to provide quality and a stable platform, a platform built on our years of experience. And it shows. We don’t have to program special features for every customer,  all we have to do is configure it for you. The actual implementation takes place on the scale and at the speed that suits your organisation.

Less risk of error in the process
The advanced platform communicates seamlessly with other internal and external data and information sources such as the municipal personal records database, digital parking apps, the codes for punishable offences applied by the Dutch public prosecutor’s office to determine the correct level of current fines, etc. Directly combining correct and up-to-date information means fewer errors and being able to act swiftly and efficiently.

Implementation scale and pace that suits your organisation/municipal authority
Redline sees to it that municipal authorities and institutions like yours implement the system you are ready for. That means implementing what you can handle at a certain time. This approach ensures that the process starts in controlled, measured steps, whether it be a slow build-up or implementing everything at once. Redline’s scope and reach is always perfectly matched to the task the municipal authority or institution has set itself. And this is reflected in the bottom line: you pay for what you use.
Our support team is ready to help you. It is up to you to decide how much support you need, whether it be occasionally, 24/7 or anything in between.