Digital supervision and enforcement IN PRACTICE

If you have been in the business of digital supervision and enforcement as long as we have, then it holds few secrets. In fact, we are at the forefront of the latest developments. With Redline we have created the comprehensive digital supervision and enforcement solution for municipal authorities and institutions operating in the Netherlands. Everyone who works with Redline immediately experiences that regulations and the technology work together seamlessly in practice.

Redline is a modular platform that can be shaped to meet the client’s digital supervision and enforcement needs. You decide whether you want to use every module, a combination of modules or just one. We can always activate and add new modules at a later stage if a municipality or organization needs them:

  1. Digital parking enforcement
    We were the first company in the Netherlands that provided digital parking enforcement in the municipality of Amsterdam. These days dozens of municipalities big and small in the Netherlands and abroad use digital parking enforcement. Being able to directly merge information means being able to act decisively.

  2. Vehicle clamping (or clamp removal)
    Vehicles (often foreign vehicles) are often clamped in large city centres if they are not allowed to park there or the amount paid for parking is insufficient.

  3. Bicycle law enforcement (including abandoned bicycles)
    Bicycles that are parked in an obstructive way or that have been left unattended for a long period of time are in the way and reduce the quality of life in an area. Redline can easily enforce bicycle laws with a few simple actions: digitally registering and labelling the bike, registering the bike when it is impounded, imposing fines, etc.

  4. Enforcement in bars and restaurants
    Regular checks are carried out in bars, restaurants and other establishments that fall under the Dutch Licensing and Catering Act to ensure they possess and comply with the required permits. This applies to both existing permits and temporary measures such as closure during the coronavirus crisis. Specific local regulations are also integrated into Redline.

  5. Enforcement of environmental regulations
    Redline is used to help special enforcement officers ensure compliance with environmental regulations regarding the illegal disposal of waste or toxic substances or other matters that fall under environmental legislation.

  6. Enforcement of stadium and other area bans
    Redline is an easy way to enforce stadium bans imposed by football clubs or restrictions on accessing train platforms.

  7. Enforcement on roads and waterways
    We are all constantly on the go on roads and waterways. The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) can use Redline to monitor when a motorist ignores a closed lane sign on the motorway or if a lorry that exceeds the legal height limit is driving on a certain road. Or it can be used on recreational lakes to determine if a boat has the correct boating licence and to take action if necessary.

Superieure security

De interface van de Redline applicatie ziet er zeer logisch, eenvoudig te begrijpen en gebruikersvriendelijk uit. Daar hebben we dan ook veel aandacht aan besteed. Maar datzelfde geldt voor de ‘achterkant’ van het systeem. Wij maken gebruik van Kony, een superieure techniek die luchtvaartmaatschappijen en banken ook gebruiken voor de security van hun systemen. Door deze hoogwaardige en geborgde veiligheid, hebben onder andere de Nederlandse Spoorwegen gekozen voor Redline als hun applicatie voor toezicht en handhaving op de stations en in de treinen.