Nearly 15 years of experience in digital (parking) supervision and enforcement has been translated into a stable, logical, smart and user-friendly modular platform called Redline. The benefits of Redline are being experienced by both managers of organisations and the special enforcement officers who patrol the streets or monitor from a surveillance room. Redline is a powerful combination of the very best in the field of digital parking and digital supervision and enforcement. And it shows. Working with Redline by Parkius is also a guarantee for strong management reporting and a professional sales, implementation and support organisation.

Comprehensive, clear and user-friendly
Supervision and enforcement are necessary tasks that keep society functioning in an orderly way. It is a repetitive process with fixed elements that keep returning in the same shape and form. Redline combines data from different internal and external sources to provide real-time information that a special enforcement officer (e.g. park ranger, train ticket inspector or other enforcement officers) can act on. The solution is state of the art, easy to implement with a user-friendly interface for the officer. It is a standard product that is nevertheless made-to-measure, tailored to meet the needs of every municipality, institutions such as the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) or public transport companies. That is because the municipal authority or institution decides for itself which modules it needs on its platform: digital parking enforcement, vehicle clamping (or clamp removal), enforcement in bars and restaurants, enforcement of environmental regulations, enforcement of stadium and other area bans and enforcement on roads and waterways.

The implementation of a digital supervision and enforcement platform may seem like a complicated process but for us it’s not. Redline is up and running within eight weeks alongside the internal and external sources of information.

Parkius takes part in tender and procurement procedures but also increasingly works on one-year contracts. That is because we trust that the client will want to stick with our platform at the end of the year. Our pioneering nature means that we are eager to take part in pilot projects due to the innovative power they generate.

Our support team is ready to help you. It is up to you to decide how much support you need, whether it be occasionally, 24/7 or anything in between.