The effect

Smart cities
Internet, data and communication are constantly interconnected at municipal authorities. The government – and that includes local government – is instructed by the European Union to communicate digitally with citizens, i.e. to create a digital environment for citizens. Redline makes this possible because it is a communication platform on which ‘inside’ communicates with ‘outside’ and vice versa. A platform where the participating citizens take centre stage, which listens more to society and where the focus is on communicating with citizens. Redline offers a seamless process to make this possible.

Improving the quality of life
One of the purposes of supervision and enforcement is to improve the quality of life in towns, cities and public transport. Residents who have a parking permit are pleased to note that there are more parking spaces available in their street. Municipal authorities do not have to spend as much time handing out fines because visitors are paying for their parking. Civic participation can be monitored in a more proactive way because reports from citizens and neighbourhoods can now easily be made digitally, thus increasing the civic involvement and improving the quality of life in the municipality.

Change of policy
It is all about detecting information in a friendly way and integrating it with Redline’s data (always in compliance with applicable privacy directives). This data and the reports they generate can be used as a starting point for formulating new policies or changing existing ones as well as for taking well-informed decisions.

Always ready for the future
Redline is now the solution for digital supervision and enforcement for municipal authorities and institutions such as the Dutch railway operator NS. That is the reality we live in and that is the way it will stay. The platform has been developed in such a way that can constantly be fine-tuned without hindering the user. Updates see to it that the platform always uses the most up-to-date and complete version.

Even though Redline is the standard, we will continue to see if and when there is a need for new modules for digital supervision and enforcement, such as during the coronavirus crisis when the lockdown meant a ban on gathering in groups and the closure bars and restaurants.